Lake Holden News 2018 Apr-May-Jun

Central Florida Recon To Do Cleanup of Lake Holden Shoreline!!

Lionel & Diana Robbins

WHEN:  Sunday, July 15th TIME:  9:00 a.m. to 11:00’ish a.m.

WHERE:  Boat Ramp at the end of MacArthur Dr. on the east side of the lake. 

Central Florida Recon reached out to the Lake Holden Water Advisory Board for a volunteer to help them with access to the lake for the purpose of cleaning up our shoreline.  So of course, Lionel volunteered us!!  Just to let you know who CFR is . . . they are a group of volunteers who provide shoreline cleanup of local lakes “because it is the right thing to do to protect the beauty of Central Florida lakes”.  They are not associated with Orange County.  They will be launching six kayaks with trash bins to do the collecting.  Anyone interested is encouraged to come and join in!!  If you know of a particular area in need of clean up, please let us know!  Oh, and be sure and show your appreciation if you see them out there . . . yell a big Thank You!

If you want to participate, Central Florida Recon will have a few extra kayaks to share, but we will need to know in advance if you want one.  Volunteers will paddle the waters of Lake Holden and fill bins with trash.  If you have a standup paddleboard (SUP) we have a supply of buckets and trash grabbers that can be placed on the front of the SUP if you would rather stand up instead of sit in a kayak.  There is no time requirement.  You can volunteer for 30 minutes or two hours.  All of our efforts will directly benefit Lake Holden.

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