July-August-September 2018 ♦ Volume 23 Issue 3 ♦


3rd Wednesday of every-other Month at 7:00 PM At Cecil’s BBQ on Orange Ave
2018 Board Mtgs.—in January, March, May, July, September, & November

Membership BBQ

Date: Sunday, October 21st – Hosted by Brenda Warden
RSVP by Oct. 16th  

Bring your own lawn chair & adult beverage.

*Guests are welcome, but there will be a $5.00 donation requested for each non -member resident and/or guest.

Notes from the Prez… It’s Officially Fall… by Tasha Golis

It is Officially Fall in Florida. That means MORE heat, humidity, rain, and the possibility of hurricanes.  Labor Day marks the date that rest of the Country celebrates the changing of the Seasons with pumpkin spice lattes, flannels shirts, and bonfires.  Meanwhile, Lake Holden homeowners are standing around gas grills in shorts and flip-flops.

It has rained almost every day for the last two months and the lake water levels approached historic high water marks.  I would like to extend a big THANK YOU to our community.  Boaters refrained from hitting the water.  Many seawalls, decks and docks were underwater.  Repeated wave action of any source causes damage.  Our Lake Holden Yacht Club Facebook page is a great resource for info, data, and questions from our residents.  Thankfully, we have not and hopefully, will not be hit by a big tropical storm or hurricane.  Some homes are still repairing damage from Hurricane Irma (Sept 11, 2017).

On Sunday July 15 we worked with Central Florida RECON to organize a Clean Up Lake Holden event.  CFRECON is a group of friends and concerned citizens protecting Central Florida’s surface waters and natural environment by removing trash and debris from lake, rivers and streams. Their team reached out to our Water Advisory Board to see if Lake Holden was interested in a clean up.  The turnout was amazing!  People turned up by car, truck, Jet Ski, kayak, paddleboard, ski boat, and pontoon to participate.  CFRECON provided kayaks and we spread out around the lake and picked up all sorts of nastiness: plastic bags, firework platforms, rafts, Styrofoam of all sorts, tin and aluminum cans, straws, water bottles, chip bags, plywood, and buckets.  We found some especially polluted spots and have notified officials at both the City of Orlando and Orange County to see what can be done about suspected ineffective runoff/drainage spots.  One of their members lives in our community and we are already planning another Clean Up.

The 2018 Primary election was held Tuesday August 28.  It was great to see so many residents support the candidate or their choice.  Many worked at campaign headquarters, hosted fund raising events, put campaign signs on their property, held signs on corners, and talked to the media.  It was reported that voter turn out was high:  27% of eligible voters (by one account).   Orange County voted Sheriff Demings as Mayor Elect.

County Commissioner Pete Clarke will be missed.  We was a great supporter of Lake Holden and ran an admirable campaign to be County Mayor.   

The County Commissioner for our District 3 will be decided in November.  Pete Crotty is running against Maya Yaribe.  I support Pete Crotty.  I believe he will preserve Pete Clarke’s stewardship for Lake Holden’s interests.  Rick and Lucy Fender are hosting an event Wednesday September 26 from 6 pm to 8 pm to support Pete Crotty’s campaign.  All interested parties are invited to attend.  Get involved!

The Annual Lake Holden Membership BBQ will be held Sunday October 21. (Some of our homeowners let us know that they would be able to attend more of our LHPOA functions if they were held on Sundays. We are happy to accommodate requests!)  Brenda Worden is hosting this event for the third consecutive year on her incredible lake front property. Cecil’s Texas Style Bar-B-Q will be preparing the food.  They always supply a generous spread of chicken, brisket, ribs, coleslaw and beans.  Hope to see you all there.  Grab a neighbor and head on over.   Paid LHPOA members enter the event free; guests are welcome for a $5 fee.

Check out our website lakeholden.org to RSVP. You can also click the Pay Pal link to pay your annual membership dues.

Lake Holden Property Owners Association (LHPOA) Board meeting are held the 3rd Wednesday of every other month.  Join us Sept 19 at 7 pm at Cecil’s on Orange Ave.  

The Water Advisory Board meets the 3rd Wednesday of every month at the Orange County Training Room on Michigan Ave at 5:30.  All residents and invited and encouraged to attend.

Tasha Golis

President Lake Holden Property Owners Association

LHPOA Board Meeting Minutes… by Rhea Cammenga

(draft copy until approved)

Date:  5/16/2018

Call to Order:  7:00

Motion to approve March minutes: DR, KP2nd

Motion to approve agenda: RC, KP2nd

Board Members in Attendance: Tasha Golis, Diana Robbins, Karen Purdue, Rick Richbourg, Larry Jones, Michael Holder, Ed Carr, Karen Perdue, Rhea Cammenga

Board Members Absent: Brenda Warden, Rick Fender, Gunnar Shuler

Guests Present: Todd Carr, Kelly Carr, Lionel Robbins, Jeanne Richbourg, Donny Cammenga, Caroline St. Clair, Dana Kruetzfeldt, Nina Yon (United Against Poverty)

President’s Report – Tasha Golis

    • Nina Yon, Guest Speaker:
      • United Against Poverty (Joseph St & Illiana Ave) is a multi-platform outreach Non-Profit Organization that provides education, training, medical assistance, household supply/food pantry,  support and advice during and after graduation for it’s attendees. 
      • 87% efficiency, only 13% goes to overhead,  believes in hand up, not handouts
    • Attended Sodo zoning meeting
    • Water Advisory Report – Rick Richbourg:
    • Treatment map for April, 43rd Street Pond rehab improvement status
    • Aeration piping resurfacing. Small diameter black piping. If encountered in the lake, it is easily removed

Vice President’s Report – 

Secretary’s Report – Rhea Cammenga

  • Nothing to report

Treasurer’s Report – Karen Perdue

  • Paid memberships to date
  • Sunbiz and insurance renewal
  • 60 paid members to date

Director’s Report – 

Old Business:

  • Fish Fry was a success
  • Comissioners present for meet & greet

New Business

  • WISA relationship
    • Working on new signs at boat ramps, wake responsibly 
    • Handout for towed sports are available to educate on safety and courtesy


  • Membership BBQ in Autumn, date TBA

Motion to adjourn: RR, DR 2nd

Adjournment:  8:01pm

Lake Notes… Water Advisor Board Meeting… By Lionel Robbins


If you plan to clear your shoreline of aquatic vegetation, be advised that there are regulations and guidelines that are overseen by Orange County and State Of Florida Environmental Agencies.  Generally a permit is required and the cost of the permit is much less than the fine.  There is a link on the LHPOA website to get the required forms and instructions for submission. 


The normal algae blooms have been taking place but are not as noticeable because of the lack of nutrients in the water.  There are numerous reasons for the lower nutrient level; the biggest is prevention from entering the lake.  The Curb Inlet Baskets are a key factor because they catch the leaves, twigs and lawn clippings that normally would wash down the street and directly into the lake.  The street sweeping program is yet another huge preventive measure.  


Maybe you haven’t noticed but the Hydrilla is totally under control in Lake Holden.  It is hard to even find a small patch anywhere but when one is found it is treated the next scheduled application of herbicide.  The navigational corridor in the center of the lake is also relatively clear of Illinois Pond Weed.  Hopefully soon the water level will be a bit lower so water skiers and wakeboarders will continue to use that “lane” for their recreational enjoyment.


It’s not news that the lake level is extremely high.  We all can see that out our window and hopefully you can see your dock.  According to Mike Powell (20+ year WAB member) the “drain wells are open and working to design. In 90+ degree weather and the wells working we can expect the lake to drain about one inch daily, if there is NO rain! The docks and other structures are needing about 8-10 days as the wakes on the larger boats are up to 18 inches.”  


Lake Holden is not a public lake.  

Lake Holden is not a private lake.

Lake Holden is a non-public lake.  

To be a public lake, there must be public access, i.e. a boat ramp suitable for launching watercraft from a trailer, pulled by a vehicle. [there are other parameters, but they are not noteworthy for this article]  

To be a private lake, the property surrounding the water body must be owned by one or two owners.

Our non-public lake gets no funding from the County or the State.  Any project that benefits water quality in Lake Holden has been paid for by you, the tax paying resident or business in the Lake Holden stormwater drainage basin.  A portion of the Ad Valoreum tax collected by the County for Lake Holden projects is Municipal Service Taxing Unit (MSTU). Projects paid for by the MSTU include street sweeping, curb inlet baskets (CIB), aquatic weed control, retention ponds, alum treatments, stocking of fish, numerous studies to evaluate the best management practices for the lake, only naming a few. 

If you have you have moved onto Lake Holden in the past 10-15 years you are not aware of how poor the water quality of the lake was.  There was the time that you could stand in ankle deep water and not see your toes.  There was no aquatic vegetation, fishing was not attractive, and swimming was not desirable.  In 1994 out of 136 lakes listed, Lake Holden water quality was 134 just above Lake Apopka at 136.

Since the early 1970’s, there has been numerous projects supervised by volunteers who spent countless hours of their spare time only to see some projects fail.  Fortunately, they did not give up.  There were times of struggle when there was push back from governing agencies, lack of funds, indifferent residents or worse, residents that would not cooperate what-so-ever.

Whichever way you enjoy Lake Holden, sailing, swimming, skiing, booze cruise, fishing, landing planes, watching sunsets, hanging out at the “sandbar”, you are doing so because of the efforts of many people who have volunteered their time to improve the water quality of Lake Holden.  Those many volunteers are/were board members of the Lake Holden Property Owners Association (LHPOA) and/or Lake Holden Water Advisory Board (WAB).  Others volunteer their homes for LHPOA annual events, taking water samples, while there are those who appear at Orlando City, Orange County, Environmental, Planning and Development, (the list goes on…) meetings to represent Lake Holden. It is very important to them to continue the improvement of the water quality of the lake.  They know that it is a privilege to put their vessel on the lake and use it for whatever recreational activity the vessel is designed. If they do, they must accept the responsibility of preserving other people’s property and to not cause bodily harm while operating that vessel.

One Pan Sausage & Vegetable Bake… by Rhea Cammenga

This Sheet Pan Sausage & Vegetable meal is a delicious easy dinner cooked all on one pan in the oven. 


2 tbsp olive oil, divided

1 package turkey or chicken sausages

1 small cauliflower head, chopped into florets

1/2 sweet potato, chopped

1 cup brussel sprouts, chopped

2 medium-sized golden and/or purple beets, chopped

1 red pepper, chopped

1/2 tsp garlic salt

1/2 tsp course ground multi peppercorns

½ tsp Sriracha Powder (or more, if you like it spicy) 

½ tsp rosemary or lavender 

Freshly grated parmesan cheese to taste


1. Preheat oven to 425°.

2. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Dice the sausages and veggies into 1” pieces, combine them together on the baking sheet. Drizzle everything with olive oil and sprinkle liberally with the spices. Make sure that everything gets lightly but evenly coated, it will prevent some of the more delicate veggies from drying out. Don’t worry about some minor browning on the veggies, it brings out more of the sweetness in some of them and some nuttiness in others, lending a more complex flavor to the dish.

3. Roast in preheated oven for about 40 minutes, until the sausage is cooked and the vegetables are tender. Stir once while it cooks if you must, but feel free to forget about it until the timer goes off.

4. Remove from oven and add fresh grated parmesan cheese once plated. 

This is one of my favorite easy, versatile meals; you can switch out the vegetables with anything you’d like. I’ve used okra, squash, carrots and all of the above. You can even substitute some (or all) of the poultry sausage for chorizo for some extra spiciness and flavor. 


Household Tips… 12 Foods You Can Regrow From Kitchen Scraps

Fresh produce is necessary for optimal health, but it gets expensive to purchase this from the store or market each week. Growing your own fruits and vegetables is the best way to ensure a regular supply and when you grow your produce from kitchen scraps, there is no cost to you.

Over the course of just one month, you can save at least $100 and maybe more if you eat a lot of fresh produce. Many fruits and vegetables can be grown without seeds and you just need to know which ones.  For the entire lists:  



Lettuce – A great lets salad is the perfect complement to your dinner and you can grow fresh lettuce from those leaves you would normally throw away. Take those leftover leaves and put them in a bowl with about an inch of water. Over the course of about four days, mist these with water and once the roots start to grow, take these and plant them in the ground.

Celery – Celery is very easy to grow from kitchen scraps and all you need is the base of the celery bunch. Place a bit of warm water in a bowl and put the base in this. Make sure the bowl gets direct sunlight and after about a week once leaves start at the base, plant this in soil and wait for full growth.

Tomatoes – The seeds in tomatoes are all you need to grow new ones. The next time you slice open a tomato, pull some of the seeds out, place them on a paper towel and allow them to dry. Put the seeds into potting soil and allow these to grow indoors until you notice a few inches of growth. Then, just put them outside in a sunny area.


Garlic – Garlic is an excellent food for your health and you can grow it easily. Take one clove of garlic and plant it in the soil.  Add some diatomaceous earth to your soil, garlic loves it. Make sure the weather is warm throughout the day and make sure that the area has adequate sunlight. Cut the shoots back and allow your garlic to grow.

Ginger – Ginger is one the best fresh herbs to have on hand and it is easy to grow. Take a spare piece of the root and plant it in potting soil. Add some coffee grounds to the soil this will guarantee a garden soil type base. After about a week, there is generally enough growth to use the ginger. Just keep repeating this to ensure a plentiful ginger supply.

Basil – Basil is pretty simple and you need a four-inch stem and put it in a clear glass. Put enough water in the glass to cover the stem, but leave the leaves above the water. Avoid direct sunlight, but make sure the area is bright. Transplant the roots into the soil once they get to be about two inches long.

Cilantro – To regrow cilantro just take the scraps and put the stems into a clear glass and add water. Place this in an area that gets lots of sunlight and wait for the roots to get a few inches long. Once this happens, transfer it to potting soil.

Fruits & Veggies:

Bean Sprouts – Cooking with Bean Sprouts gives your dishes a bit of extra flavor and a burst of nutrients. Take about one tablespoon of beans and put them in a bowl. Add a little water and allow these to sit overnight and then rinse them. Keep doing this until new growth occurs and then just allow them to grow as big as you want them.

Avocado – The seed that is right in the middle of an avocado is all you need to grow new ones. Take a container and put it in an area that is warm and has partial sunlight. Suspend the seed over the container and add enough water to cover the lower part of the seed. It generally takes about a month and a half, but once you get stems of about six inches in length, cut them down by half and wait for leaves. Once leaves appear, plant this with only half of the seed in the ground.

Pineapples – Pineapples are not limited to tropical areas. Take the top and suspend it over a water-filled container in direct sunlight. You want to keep this as warm as possible and change the water daily so that it remains fresh and full. Once the roots take place after about a week, just plant this in soil.

 Onions – Onions are simple to grow and you can grow any type both outdoors and indoors. Make sure you have a sunny area and take the root and plant it in potting soil. For green onions, just take the base with the roots on it and place it in some water and let it grow.

Peppers – Peppers are easy to grow because all you have to do is take the seeds and put them in potting soil. Unless the weather is very warm you want to make sure your peppers get plenty of sunlight. Peppers do not require much care and they grow quickly.






~Thought for the Day ~

Don’t speak unless you can improve upon the silence.

Seawalls by Rick Fender

The water is up higher than I have ever seen it on Lake Holden and my dock is underwater. My dock was installed prior to the Orange County Environmental Protection Department, “OCEPD” requirement that the dock be constructed 1’ minimum above the Normal High Water Elevation. We will apply for a permit later this year to raise the dock about a foot. Hopefully that costly modification will allow us to use the dock year round.  Luckily our seawall is still standing and protecting our property from the wave action of the storms and wakes of boats.

There are several options when it comes to protection of your lakeshore. Here is Orange County, you can use wood, concrete, steel, vinyl, fiberglass or aluminum for a vertical seawall. You could also choose to utilize a stone revetment to protect your shoreline. For a revetment you could use Florida Filed Stone, quarried lime stone, coquina, granite or any other durable stone. For a revetment it is preferable to use an angular stone that locks together with the other stone as opposed to a round stone like a river bed stone as they don’t stay in place as well when faced with wave action.

In Orange County, even if you choose to build a vertical seawall, you will still need to have a minimal 1’ tall by 2’ wide stone revetment at the toe of the waterward side of the new seawall. The exception is in canals where the County does not require a stone revetment at the toe of a new seawall. We install a geotextile against the seawall panels and under the stone revetment before installing the stone to further stabilize the stone. I can tell you that even that small amount of revetment makes a huge difference in the prevention of scour (erosion of the soil at the toe of the seawall associated with wave action) at your seawall. One seawall we constructed on the Western side of Lake Holden was 4’ high vinyl with an aluminum cap. Before we installed the required stone revetment at the toe of the new seawall, we witnessed the waves created by the passing wake board boats crashing into the seawall and creating vertical splashes of 6’ to 8’ above the top of the wall. After the 1’ high by 2’ wide stone revetment was constructed at the toe of the new wall, the wave action was totally dissipated when the wave hit the face of the wall and the revetment at the toe.

The Lake Holden website has a great deal of information regarding the historical data of the lake elevations. Knowing this information is important when planning a seawall or a boat dock. When we plan a seawall, we are careful to make sure that we have a slope from the home to the seawall so that the seawall does not hold water behind it. Orange County and the City of Orlando follow a State requirement known as “Compensating Storage”. This means that if your seawall is located below the 100 year flood plane, which most are, and you add backfill landward of the seawall to smooth the transition of the original contour of your yard to the top of the new seawall that you must compensate for the lost storm water holding capacity of Lake Holden that you have caused. If your seawall requires backfill be added below the 100 year flood plain, then you are taking away the overall capacity of Lake Holden to hold storm water during a 100 year storm event. The County and the City require that you compensate for the backfill that you added by building swales or mini-retention ponds on your property below the 100 year flood plain.

In Orange County when you install a new vertical seawall within 1’ waterward of an existing vertical seawall, the compensating storage rule is not applied. However, the City of Orlando, it is still applied. Most homeowners do not want to have retention swales around their property so you have another choice in the City of Orlando. What we have been able to do on a project in the City of Orlando, where there was an existing failing vertical seawall, was to remove a portion of the existing seawall and soil landward of the old seawall. Then we installed the new seawall further landward of the existing seawall and utilized a portion of the existing soil to backfill against that portion of the seawall and behind the other portion of new seawall where the new seawall could not be moved landward. The amount of backfill required for the project had to balance as no import fill could be used.

Back on the different types of seawalls. We install mostly vinyl tied back seawalls with steel reinforced concrete caps. Te panels are usually from either CMI or Everlast. Some projects are flat panel with a wood grain look and the other vinyl are corrugated. In the photo you can see a concrete cap with the formed and poured joints that are one of our signature details. No saw cut control joints for us. Our customers deserve and demand better.

The tiebacks on the above project are epoxy coated steel reinforcing bar connected from the concrete cap to the concrete deadmen at 8’ on center and some 12’ landward of the wall. Notice the stone revetment at the toe. You cannot see the prefabricated weep-holes in this photo but they are there on the other sides of the corrugations.

Another way to build a vertical seawall is to install approximately 2/3 of the panel in the ground leaving 1/3 above the ground. This is called a cantilevered seawall and must be engineered for the correct length of panel, amount of embedment, grade of panel and panel material to work properly. It looks just like our normal seawalls but does not have tiebacks or deadmen. We use these when there is some kind of obstruction landward of the proposed seawall such as the home, a pool or a patio.

We don’t recommend using wood for a seawall ever since the EPA outlawed the use of CCA (Chromate Copper Arsenate) in fresh water. So now the other seawall builders are using CA and ACQ treatment many times on the wood they use for a seawall and it does not last.

Probably the least expensive and best seawall system is all aluminum. The aluminum seawall panels are stiffer than the vinyl and the seawall can be install through roots a little easier. Further, you can have an aluminum cap, aluminum tiebacks and plate aluminum deadmen for a very clean easy to install all aluminum seawall that requires very little maintenance(just need to clean the weep-holes once a year). Below is a photo of an aluminum seawall.

Last word on seawalls. Always get a permit, even if you are building it yourself. It is a pain to do but you will be happy that you did. A seawall is different than a boat dock, in that the dock is an item that provides you access to the water and pleasure while the seawall is there to protect your investment. I have known homeowners on other lakes that hired unlicensed contractors to build their seawalls. The unlicensed contractors convinced the homeowners that they didn’t need permits for the seawalls. The unlicensed contractors built the walls over the neighbor’s property lines causing great heartache and lawsuits for all. If they had gotten a permits, the County and the City would have required site plans showing exactly where the seawalls were going. If the contractors had been licensed, they would have checked the surveys and the site plans and property corners to make sure that they were not building onto the neighbor’s property. During the inspection process, the County or the City inspectors may have found the encroachments of the seawalls onto the neighbor’s properties and corrected the issues before the walls were too far along.

If you plan to build a seawall by using a contractor, please make sure they have at least a Residential Contractor’s license with general liability insurance and State Act Worker’s Compensation Insurance with the code 6006F which is specific for seawall construction so you know their employees are covered.

If you plan to build one yourself, please let me know and I will send you to a friend who is a permit tech that helps you with the engineering and getting permitting in your name legally and she knows all about seawalls.

Rick Fender

Lake Holden Water Sports

N E I G H B O R S.  The newsletter is looking for a water sports contributor!   Hoping to find a person(s) who is willing to share their passion and enthusiasm for all things Wake Boarding, Wake Surfing, Paddle Boarding, Wake Skating, Bare Footing, Kayaking and all manor of  other water sports. Please contact me at: 4newsletterATlakeholden.org.


  • Flashlights and battery-powered lanterns are much safer than candles.
  • Battery-operated radios.
  • Keep a generous supply of batteries, all sizes, on hand.
  • Nonperishable food supplies.
  • Have all prescriptions filled.
  • Keep a First Aid Kit in your home, as well as your automobile.
  • Make sure you also have food supplies for your pets, as well as any medical supplies your pets may need.  Remember the kitty litter!
  • Have bottled water available in case of possible water contamination.
  • Have a good supply of household cleaners, as well as disinfectants on hand.
  • Make sure propane tanks are full for use with gas grills and outdoor cooking utensils.
  • Make sure your automobile has a full tank of gas.
  • Have cash or travelers checks.
  • Know proper steps if a “boil water” alert is issued.
  • Make sure windows and doors are secure and properly protected from flying debris.
  • Discard perishable food items not refrigerated more than 24 hours.
  • Turn off lights and appliances during a power outage.  It is also a good idea to turn off the main power switch to your home from the outside electrical box to prevent a power surge and possible damage when power is restored.
  • Never touch fallen power lines or wires!  Consider all lines to be “live and dangerous”.
  • Do not try to remove fallen trees/limbs that are entangled with fallen power lines.
  • DO NOT use a generator in an enclosed area of the home, including the garage.  Do not place under windows or under crawl spaces where carbon monoxide could potentially enter the home.  Make sure your generator is in working condition by running it about 15 minutes before running any household appliances.  Do not plug a portable generator into an outlet; connect it into your electrical wiring or main electrical panel.  Try to have a generous supply of fuel for your generator on hand.
  • Know your resources and those of your neighbors.
  • Know of residents in your neighborhood who are elderly and may need special requirements.  Disabled or elderly residents who need assistance with mobility or medical needs may be placed on the Special Needs Shelter Registry by contacting the Orange County Medical Clinic at 407-650-4031.  Do not wait until a storm is on the way…do this now.
  • Advise family and/or friends if going to a shelter or staying somewhere other than your home.
  • Stay off roadways unless it is an emergency.  Watch for debris and road flooding.  When streetlights are out, every intersection is a four-way STOP.
  • Have tarp or canvas on hand in case of roof damage.
  • Make sure all your laundry is done before the storm hits!!  Especially underclothes and towels!!


Use 9-1-1 only in an emergency.

OUC:  407-823-9150

Progress Energy:  1-800-228-8485

Bell South Repair:  1-800-964-6444 or 611


A few Pics from the July 12th Central Florida RECON to organize a Clean Up Lake Holden

Getting ready to launch

Looking for trash

Lots of trash in the weeds



Some of the garbage collected















Fun Photos from the 2017 Membership BBQ – This year’s date is Oct 21, 2018. You don’t want to miss the fun!


Important Message from the Treasurer… By Karen Perdue


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Join by sending in application, below, or if you wish to renew on-line, we are also set up through PayPal at https://LakeHolden.org/join/

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