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3rd Wednesday of every-other Month at 7:00 PM At Cecil’s BBQ on Orange Ave
2019 Board Mtgs.—in January, March, May, July, September, & November

Annual Fish Fry

Date: Saturday, April 13th – Hosted by Larry & Jeannie Jones
RSVP by Apr. 10th  

Bring your own lawn chair & adult beverage.

*Guests are welcome, but there will be a $5.00 donation requested for each non -member resident and/or guest.

Notes from the Prez… It’s Spring in Florida…

by Tasha Golis

It’s Spring in Florida! Last weekend it was in the 80s and this week it was in the 40s. This weekend is going to be back in the 80s! As I write this I am in New York,  looking out over a snow covered landscape.  Wild! 

The Annual Christmas Boat Parade was a huge success! Lake Holden Property Owner Association (LHPOA) volunteers hit the streets and distributed door hangers inviting lakefront homes to participate.  More than a dozen boats cruised the lake just after sunset.  It was great seeing so many backyards decorated! We passed by dozens of parties and cheering groups out on decks and docks. Each year, this event gets bigger and better! 

We held our Annual LHPOA Member meeting in January at the Holden Heights Community Center. Both County Commissioner Uribe and City Commissioner Sheehan attended and spoke. New Orange County Sector 4 Captain Troy Pearson also came and introduced himself. Our Board would like to thank Rhea Cammenga for serving as our Secretary for the last two years. I really appreciate all that you did and continue to do, Rhea. Rick Fender was elected into this role.  If interested in serving on our Board (or just finding out more about our community), please join us at our meetings held the 3rd Wednesday of March, May, July, Sept, and November at 7pm. Join us at Cecil’s Texas Style BBQ on Orange to get involved and grab some dinner! Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend. 

You may have noticed the new speed humps in the Holden Shores neighborhood on 29th Street. These “traffic calmers” were installed as a result of lots of campaigning and hard work by homeowners. We are having trouble here on 37th St, Laguna, and 39th St with cut through traffic from OBT to Michigan. I4 Ultimate big trucks are coming through, unable to make the tight turns, and running over mailboxes and fire hydrants. In one week, a car missed the turn and ran off into the woods and another car crashed into the front of a home. I have received several requests from LHPOA neighbors to get the County to address this. I spoke with Jared Marks Jr, Project Manager at Orange County Traffic Engineering and he has had more street signs installed ordered a speed study. Pending those results he will advise what can be done. 

Last week I met with Commissioner Uribe. It was great to sit down with her a discuss some of the issues that affect Lake Holden. She is very interested in our community and indicated she will be  attending our bi-monthly LHPOA meetings. I look forward to continuing to  develop this working relationship. 

The Annual Fish Fry will be hosted, once again by The Jones! Join us Saturday April 13 for a great day with your neighbors and incredible food! Please RSVP at our website LakeHolden.org.  Your paid annual LHPOA membership gets you into the party. Guests are welcome and $5 per head. 

We will be working WITH Central Florida RECON on Sunday April 14 for the 2nd Annual Lake Holden Clean Up. RECON is a small volunteer group cleans up local waterways. We invited them to our lake last year and Lake Holden folks showed up in kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, jet ski, pontoons, and ski boats to pick up trash. Pounds were removed! RECON has a limited number of kayaks available to use, please look for the Facebook event page and RSVP.

Portions of the black aeration tubing that was installed on the lake bottom in the 1980s has been surfacing. Keep a keen eye out while boating. A big thank you to all of you that have been pulling it out and removing it. 

See you out on the water! 

Tasha Golis

President Lake Holden Property Owners Association

LHPOA Board Meeting Minutes… by Rhea Cammenga

LHPOA Board Meeting Minutes

July 18, 2018 Cecil’s BBQ By: Rhea Cammenga

Call to Order:  7:00pm

Motion to approve May minutes: RR, DR2nd

Motion to approve agenda: DR, RR2nd

Board Members in Attendance: Tasha Golis, Diana Robbins, Karen Purdue, Rick Richbourg, Larry Jones, Michael Holder, Karen Perdue, Brenda Warden, Rhea Cammenga

Board Members Absent: Ed Carr, Rick Fender, Gunnar Shuler

Guests Present: Jeanne Richbourg, Lionel Robbins, Caroline St. Clair, Donny Cammenga, Gary Davis, Michael Donaldson, Patty Sheehan, Eddie Rosado

President’s Report – Tasha Golis

    • Patty Sheehan, Guest Speaker:
      • OPD will be putting officers in every City public school
      • 316 West Michigan Street zoning, not single family, lots of remediation / drainage improvements needed
      • Cannot downgrade zoning on any property
    • Eddie Rosado:
      • June 2018 stats, 10 calls, 1 residential burglary incident
    • Water Advisory Report – Rick Richbourg:
      • 43rd Street Pond rehab scheduled
      • Lake treatment scheduled
      • OC Fertilizer amendment, postcards will be mailed
      • Hydrilla management
      • Possibility of contracting manual harvest algae
      • Any illegal dumping in lake, call 311

Vice President’s Report – Position Vacant

Secretary’s Report – Rhea Cammenga

  • Nothing to report

Treasurer’s Report – Karen Perdue

  • Paid memberships to date
  • Transitioned to QB online

Director’s Report – 

  • Nothing to report

Old Business:

New Business

    • Membership BBQ Scheduled for Sunday, October 21


    • OBT Revitalization Strategy Day – Visit www.OBTNext.com for improvement updates
    • Orange County Non Emergency Line 407-836-4357
    • Great involvement with lake cleanup

Motion to adjourn: RR, KP 2nd

Adjournment:  7:58 pm


LHPOA Annual Meeting Minutes… by Rhea Cammenga

LHPOA General Meeting Minutes

January 17, 2018      Holden Heights Community Center    By: Rhea Cammenga

Call to Order:  6:06pm

Board Members in Attendance: Tasha Golis, Brenda Warden, Diana Robbins, Rick Richbourg, Michael Holder, Ed Carr, Karen Perdue, Rhea Cammenga

Board Members Absent: Rick Fender, Gunnar Shuler, Joel Gregor

Guests Present: Lionel Robbins, Caroline St. Clair, Dana Krutzfeldt, Gary Davis, Michael Donaldson, Donny Cammenga

President’s Report – Tasha Golis

    • Patty Sheehan, Guest Speaker:
      • Redevelopment @ Orange & Pineloch: Mixed use residential/commercial, Lucky’s Market
      • Will lead to less panhandling, less crime
      • I-4 closures upcoming, detours through downtown, Michigan entrance closed 1 year
      • Check 411 for closure/detour info
      • Letter from Lake Holden Terrace residents lead to change in traffic, only right turns onto Michigan from LH Terrace
    • Officer Eddie Rosado, Guest Speaker:
      • District 4 crime stats online – calls for service/ incidents
      • Call 911 for any suspicious persons, let operator decide whether it’s an emergency
    • Pete Clark, Guest Speaker:
      • 29th Street @ Michigan, performing test case for 1 way traffic to reduce non-local traffic
      • Air B&B new regulations from state
      • Expansion Cypress Grove East to RR tracks
      • Continuing to green space plans on OBT
    • Tasha Golis:
      • Boat parade/social success, 2 new paid members 
      • OBT Next project – 10 mile corridor rehab, originally included boat ramp to LH but has since been omitted. Green space only, leaves lake Semi Private, no public access
  • Water Advisory Report – Rick Richbourg:
    • Working on  rebid to clean pond at OBT & 43rd 
    • Sign up for county notifications for lake chemical treatment alerts

Vice President’s Report – Brenda Warden

Secretary’s Report – Rhea Cammenga

Treasurer’s Report – Karen Perdue

Director’s Report

Old Business 

New Business


Motion to adjourn

Adjournment:  6:45pm


LHPOA General Meeting Minutes

January 17, 2018   Holden Heights Community Center   By: Rhea Cammenga

Call to Order:  6:47pm

Board Members in Attendance: Tasha Golis, Brenda Warden, Diana Robbins, Rick Richbourg, Michael Holder, Ed Carr, Karen Perdue, Rhea Cammenga

Board Members Absent: Rick Fender, Gunnar Shuler, Joel Gregor

Tasha Golis: Motion to approve November minutes; Rick Richbourg 1st, Ed Carr 2nd, motion passed

Officer Elections

Brenda Warden resigns from VP

President: Tasha Golis  (RR 1st, BW 2nd)

Secretary: Rhea Cammenga (DR 1st, TG 2nd)

VP: Position tabled until further notice

Treasurer: Karen Perdue (RR 1st, TG 2nd)

Motion to Adjourn (RR 1st, BW 2nd)

Adjournment:  6:45pm

Lake Shore Clean-Up

When cleaning up your lake shore please take the time to collect the plants you pulled up and put them into your trash cans for the lawn debris pickup.  Large clumps of pulled-up plants have been seen floating in the lake and eventually end up on somebody else’s shore line.  Nobody else wants your pulled up plants and weeds.

You will find instructions for plant removal and information on obtaining permits at https://lakeholden.org/work/

Lake Notes… Water Advisor Board Meeting…

By Lionel Robbins

A note from your Water Advisory Board (WAB) Members:  You are welcome and encouraged to attend any and all WAB meetings held on the third Wednesday of each month at 5:30PM.  The location is 2010 East Michigan St, Facilities Training Room.  

You will hear discussions about the 43rd street pond, curb inlet filter repair, alum treatments and    and if you wish, take part in the discussion and/or ask questions.

You will experience decisions being made on your behalf (spending your MSTU money) such as Commercial Street Sweeping of the curbed streets around Lake Holden.  Next year the cost to you (the MSTU tax payer) over $24K.  Street sweeping is the least expensive way to keep Lake Holden clean, by preventing the nutrients from entering the lake.  There is a retrofit project on the 43rd Street Pond.  The drainage system is being modified to keep more water in the pond longer.  That will result in preventing unwanted nutrients from entering the lake.  MSTU monies are being spent on weed control using herbicide to clear Illinois Pond Weed from a centerline pathway north and south for wakeboarders to have a “preferred” pass.  Hydrilla is also being kept under control using herbicide.  A large portion of the MSTU is spent on weed control.

All these projects and more are topics that your WAB debates and considers on your behalf.  The Board appreciates your confidence in our decision-making process for these and future projects.

Below is a map of the black airation tubing President Tasha spoke about in her article, of which a lot has already been pulled out.


These are not tips……this is the law!


  • When there is no posted speed limit, a vessel operator shall operate the vessel in such a manner that will not endanger persons OR property.
  • A vessel shall operate at IDLE SPEED when within 100 feet of shore, docks and other vessels.  A vessel that is operating at slow speed is completely off plane, has settled into the water and is proceeding without wake or with minimum wake.  When a vessel is pulling someone behind their vessel, whether it be a skier, wakeboarder, tube, etc., both the boat and skier must be outside of the 100 foot designation for idle speed.
  • Must have a U.S.C.G. approved for marine use, fire extinguisher on board (B-1).
  • Must have a sound-producing device readily accessible (whistle, horn, etc.).
  • Must have a copy of current registration on board.
  • There must be on board the vessel as many flotations devices as there are passengers.  These must be U.S.C.G. approved personal flotation devices (Type I, II or III).

PERSONAL WATERCRAFT (PWC, i.e. jet skis, etc.)

  • All personal watercraft must carry all equipment required of a Class A motorboat (anchor and line and paddle or oar not required).
  • Must have a U.S.C.G. approved for marine use, fire extinguisher on board (B-1).
  • Must have a sound-producing device readily accessible.
  • Must have a copy of current registration on board.
  • The operator and all passengers MUST WEAR A U.S.C.G. APPROVED PERSONAL FLOTATION DEVICE (Type I, II or III).
  • If the vessel is equipped with a lanyard it must be attached to the operator.
  • The operator MUST BE AT LEAST 14 YEARS OF AGE – 18 years of age if rented.  If the operator is under the age of 18, he/she must have a Boaters Safety card.  The card and a picture I.D. must be carried while operating the PWC or any other vessel with horsepower greater than 10 HP.
  • Allowing someone under the age of 14 to operate a PWC is against the law.  Both the owner and the child are subject to individual fines.
  • Operation from one half hour after sunset to one half hour before sunrise is prohibited.

Important Phone Numbers:

Orange County Marine Patrol:  407-254-6806

Orlando Police Dept. Marine Patrol:  407-246-2442

2 Grilled Lettuce Recipes

With summer around the corner, here are 2 salad recipes you can do on the grill.



3 Romaine hearts
12 pieces of thick cut bacon
5 oz blue cheese crumbles
For the dressing:
¼ cup balsamic vinegar
¼ cup light olive oil
¼ teaspoon dried thyme
¼ teaspoon dried parsley
½ teaspoon dried oregano
A little salt and pepper
¼ teaspoon Dijon mustard


  1. Fry bacon in a large skillet – reserve the bacon fat
  2. Slice each Romaine heart in half and set aside
  3. Heat your grill up over high heat – you want very hot grates so you get a quick char without cooking the lettuce too much or wilting it
  4. Using a basting brush, lightly brush a little bacon fat onto the flat side of each Romaine half
  5. When you are ready to grill, place the Romaine halves flat side down on the grill and just keep them on there until they have light char marks – it shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds
  6. Remove the Romaine halves to a plate and turn off your grill
  7. For the dressing, add all ingredients into a bowl and whisk together, or add to a jar and shake
  8. To assemble the salad, top each Romaine half with bacon and blue cheese crumbles, and drizzle on the balsamic dressing.  Serve immediately.




1/4 c. slivered almonds
1 tbsp. fresh lemon juice
1 1/2 tsp. Dijon mustard
1 tsp. anchovy paste
1/2 small clove garlic, pressed
1/4 c. plus 1 tablespoon olive oil, divided
Kosher salt
Freshly ground black pepper
6 heads gem lettuce or 3 romaine hearts, halved lengthwise
Shaved Parmesan cheese, for serving


  1. Place almonds and 1/4 cup water in a blender. Process until smooth, about 1 minute. Add lemon juice, mustard, anchovy paste, and garlic. Process until combined, about 1 minute.
  2. With the blender running, slowly pour 1/4 cup oil through the feed tube until combined. Season with salt and pepper. (Thin with an additional tablespoon water, if desired.)
  3. Heat grill to medium-high. Brush cut sides of lettuce with remaining tablespoon oil. Grill, cut sides down, until charred, 1 to 2 minutes; transfer to a platter.
  4. Drizzle dressing over lettuce. Top with Parmesan. Serve immediately.


Household Tips….

10 Things You Need To Do To Get Ready For Summer

Summer is fast approaching! Get ready for the fun-filled days of summer so you don’t miss out on all the excitement and opportunities summer offers. Here are a 10 tips to get you started for a fabulous summer!

1. Plan a vacation. It doesn’t have to be a long or extravagant vacation (but it can be). Or plan a Stay-Vacation. Mark your calendar now for a few days of relaxing and time to enjoy the sunshine.

2. Get moving! Time to start exercising and getting back into shape. Summer is the season to be fit and active. Start right now.

3. Stock up on sunscreen. Hopefully, you will be out in the sun and soaking in a lot of vitamin D this summer. Keep your skin protected with lots of sunscreen. Don’t forget to apply throughout the day.

4. Clean out your closet. Rotate out all your “winter” clothes and put them away. Give away or throw out any old or unused clothing.

5. Sign up for summer events and activities. The kids will be out of school soon. Don’t let them veg out in front of the TV for the whole summer. Plan some activities at home. Get supplies for crafts, games, and even new outdoor equipment. Registrations are going on right now for summer camps, summer school, & special events. Don’t wait to the last minute and risk sign ups being closed or full.

6. Clean up the grill. Keep the kitchen cool by using the grill! Get your grill cleaned up and ready for the delicious smokey food you can serve all summer long.

7. Check the water toys. You don’t want to miss out on the lake activities because your boat doesn’t run.  Also check the wave runner, paddle-boards, live vests, kayaks, rafts or whatever you use.  Don’t forget to check your gas cans. 

8. Plan & prepare for a garden. Don’t wait until it is too hot to plant your garden. Plan right now which veggies and flowers you want and where you will plant them.

9. Make a list of books to read. Spend time reading outside with a great book this summer. Make a summer reading list for both you and the kids.

10. Mark your calendar for Family events, BBQs, and friendly get-togethers. Summer is the perfect time to get together with family and friends. The outdoors offers plenty of space for a large party of fun, food, and family. Coordinate dates now with your loved ones.

What are you doing to get ready for summer?






~Thought for the Day ~

“To succeed in life, you need three things: A Wishbone, A Backbone and a Funny Bone.

Lake Holden Water Sports

N E I G H B O R S.  The newsletter is looking for a water sports contributor!   Hoping to find a person(s) who is willing to share their passion and enthusiasm for all things Wake Boarding, Wake Surfing, Paddle Boarding, Wake Skating, Bare Footing, Kayaking and all manor of  other water sports. Please contact me at: 4newsletterATlakeholden.org.


Fun Photos from the 2018 Christmas Boat Parade and Social 

Congratulations to the Winners of the Boat Parade

2018 Boat Parade

2018 Boat Parade Social

Fun Photos from the 2018 Fish Fry – Don’t for get to RSVP to this years Fish Fry 

The cooks

Lots of great fried fish and more

Lots of side dishes

Visiting with friends and family

Visiting with neighbors

Fun and conversation

Catching up on lake activities

Everyone had fun today







Important Message from the Treasurer… By Karen Perdue


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Join by sending in application, below, or if you wish to renew on-line, we are also set up through PayPal at https://LakeHolden.org/join/

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