Lake Holden by Elaine Pennington

I moved on the East Shore of Lake Holden during Easter weekend of 1969-30 years ago.

Just South of me was a lovely orange grove whose snow-white blossoms permeate the air each spring. It was heavily damaged by cold spells in 1983 and again in 1985. Soon I heard the dreaded sounds of heavy earth-moving equipment followed by sawing and hammering to indicate new houses being constructed where once the grove had been.

We loved to walk out to the boathouse and slowly open the door to peer at the bass bedding on the “pot-holes” in the sandy bottom, while its mate stood guard nearby. Yes, the water was clear enough to see the sandy bottom!

It was relatively quiet and peaceful then, although there was I-4 on the West, Michigan to the North and Orange Ave on the East. Not any of these streets had as many lanes as they do now. Not only was there less traffic; but, not as much heavy trucks and emergency vehicles. The airport had not been located where it is now, but just fronting on what is is now the BeeLine. There were rumors flying that some huge company was buying up thousands of acres west of I-4 to begin building. That was Disney!

All our Kids could attend a good Public School-Blankner Elementary, Cherokee Jr. High and Boone High School.

No, we didn’t have Jet Skis. Yes, we had powerboats pulling skiers. These were usually polite and considerate residents who stayed well away from the shoreline so as not to disturb the peace or cause erosion of other’s property. I don’t recall hearing the loud music from the console aboard a boat at midnight or after.
. . .
Lake Holden is still a lovely place to live – – with bouquets of sail boats and wind surfers on the water, the breath-taking sunsets, the laughter of youngsters as the attempt to learn to ski, the wind howling across the lake the call of the various water birds, and the friendly Howdy or Hell from a neighbor as we take out the trash, pick up the morning paper or get the mail.

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