Water Quality

(with special thanks to: Christy Horsburgh, Senior Biological Scientist Florida LAKEWATCH Program Department of Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences University of Florida)

Thank you Dana Krützfeldt, our current “Trained Citizen(s)” and Lakewatch volunteer(s) (and Rhea Cammenga, LARRY JONES, Elaine Pennington, Kim Wagy [and other] previous volunteers).  The Lakewatch volunteer(s) donate their time every month to obtain current and accurate water samples, which allows Lake Holden to participate in the Florida LakeWatch Program

Lake Watch

So what do all of the Numbers mean?

The Lake Watch Volunteer’s samples convey  all sorts of info! But, of most interest to us are the results for Secchi Disk and TP (Total Phosphorus).  Secchi Disk depth reveals how clear the water is. The higher the number displayed in the secchi disk column,  the deeper we can see into the lake. TP reveals how much total Phosphorus is in the water column. The higher the number, the more “food source” is available for the algae which bloom and make the lake less clear. In this instance the higher the number the worse it is for Lake Holden.

Lake Watch Data


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