Water Quantity

Water is a good thing! RIGHT? Especially when you live on a lake, its probably the reason why you live here.  BUT, just as the right amount of water is a good thing, too much or too little water is a bad thing. So, how much water is enough?

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  • The Normal High Water Mark  (often labeled as NHWE  or normal high water elevation) – for Lake Holden is: 91 feet above sea level (NGVD 29).
  • The Historical Average Stage (Elevation) for Lake Holden is:  90 feet 2 3/8 inches above sea level (NGVD 29)
  • The  100 Year Flood Elevation for Lake Holden  is: 92 feet 8 inches above sea level (NGVD 29).
    • Note: A one-hundred-year flood is a flood event that has a 1% probability of occurring in any given year.

(For the recording purposes all Datum is recorded and displayed using National Geodetic Vertical Datum of 1929 (NGVD 29) < what is this?) Please note, the ELEVATION field below is in feet and tenths of a foot. For example, the entry of 92.37 equates to 92 feet and 37/100rds of a foot or roughly ninety two feet and 4 and seven sixteenths feet ( 92′ 4 7/16″) 🙂 .

Yes, there is some additional info in this   handy Lake Holden Fact Sheet – provided by Orange County.

Lake Holden Elevation