Plants and Permits

Removing ANY AQUATIC PLANTS from your shoreline probably REQUIRES permits from both Orange County and the State of Florida!

Residents are permitted to maintain an access corridor of 30′ OR 25% (whichever is greater) without any permitting, provided you are removing the plants by hand. ANYTHING else requires a permit from either The State of Florida or Orange County or both!

Below are links to help facilitate the permitting process:

    Required Permits

  1. AQUATIC PLANT MANAGEMENT PERMIT State of Florida Dept of Environmental Protection (application online)
  2. Clearance Of Shoreline Vegetation Orange County Environmental Protection Division
  3. Florida Fish & Wildlife Contacts for more information.
    Identifing Plants

  1. UF Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants
  2. UF Florida’s Dirty Dozen – The 12 Most Invasive Plants
  3. UF images invasive plants listed by their common names

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(last updated 3/11/2017)

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