Lake Holden News 2017 April – June

Lake Notes… Water Advisor Board Meeting By Lionel Robbins, WAB Chairman (407-859-3050)

The balance in the Lake Holden MSTU as of 1/1/2017 was $684,468.  Ad Valorem Taxes collected average $128K per year.  Here are some of the more conspicuous expenses over the past 5 years:

  • $359K for items such as our outside contractor for weed control, studies, surveys, pond management, street sweeping, curb inlet baskets and more. If you have any questions, please visit an upcoming WAB meeting.
  • $140K for chemicals & pesticides used by Orange County EPD during their regularly scheduled treatment of Lake Holden over and above the outside contractor mentioned above. There are up to $75K budgeted for both regular and unexpected treatment needs. Yes, if you combine the two over the last five years, we have spent over ONE HALF MILLION DOLLARS on weed control!  If you have any questions, please visit an upcoming WAB meeting.
  • $89K paid to other government agencies for payments for services provided to County operations.  Mostly used for Orange County EPD Chargebacks (surveys, treatments, project management, administrative, etc.) This could also be outside agencies, like the State of FL or Water Management Districts if there were permits to pay associated with a project.

If you have any questions, please visit an upcoming WAB meeting

I think most of the Lake Holden property owners will agree that Lake Holden is looking very good.  Further, we will agree that it took a lot of effort from the two teams of the LHPOA and WAB members to make that happen.  To ensure everything that can be done to keep the lake in the shape it is now, there is a need to continually monitor the status of the lake, find new ways to improve the water quality and most of all to reduce or prevent further pollutants from entering the lake.  The latest report from ERD (Environmental Research and Design, Inc.) was presented to the WAB in October of 2016.  Since then the main topics at the meetings is the review and processing of the information.  The most current project is to modify the retention pond on 43rd Street.  At the next meeting on June 21st, a Retrofit Feasibility Evaluation will be the main topic and will be thoroughly discussed.

For more on this topic, please join us at the Facilities Training Room, 2010 East Michigan Street, Orlando – Meeting starts at 5:29 PM, you are welcome to join.

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