Lake Holden News 2017 October – December

Lake Notes… Water Advisor Board Meeting By Lionel Robbins,

WAB Chairman (407-859-3050)

MSTU Budget Account Balance as of April 19, 2017 = $686,054

Your WAB members are vigilant and focused on the continued monitoring of water quality in Lake Holden.  Keeping an open mind for future projects such as stocking some Grass Carp to control invasive vegetation.  During the October meeting, grass carp stocking was discussed. There are more than eighteen Central Florida lakes that are stocked with Grass Carp.  Lakes Jessamine, Conway, Fairview to name a few.  Some have re-stocked more than twice.  The process has changed from the first applications and formula to determine the quantity has also been modified.  The investment of stocking helps save money expended to apply herbicide.

A project that will be discussed in January 2018 is the 43rd retention pond.  The study done by ERD in 2014 listed the pond as an improvement project. The Board will hear a presentation from Geosyntec Consultants and their proposal modifying the pond.

An ongoing project is the Curb Inlet Baskets.  Initially there were 115 units installed throughout the basin.  Currently there are nighty nine still operational, collecting debris such as Styrofoam cups, bottles, leaves and other items, preventing them from reaching the Lake.  In year 2016 the baskets collected 35,399 lbs. of debris.  Through October 2017, 32,400 lbs. have been collected.

In October, the Board met for a special meeting to discuss hurricane-related issues.  The primary topic was impact to docks and seawalls.  POA President, Tasha Golis sent a strong message to operators of vessels on the lake while the water level is at near record heights.  There was a presentation from Deputy Michael Holt, Orange County Sheriffs Marine Unit.  He warned of navigational hazards such as floating boards, logs and similar debris now drifting around the lake due to high water levels.  The drain wells management was also discussed.  Timing of removing sleeves/boards, duration of removal will be considered and discussed during future meetings.

For more on these topics and others, please join us at the Facilities Training Room, 2010 East Michigan Street, Orlando – The Board is taking a holiday in December, the next meeting will be the third Wednesday of January 2018 and starts at 5:29 PM, you are welcome to join anytime.

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