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LHPOA Board Meeting Minutes… by Rhea Cammenga

LHPOA Board Meeting Minutes

May 16, 2018 Cecil’s BBQ By: Rhea Cammenga

Call to Order:  7:00pm

Motion to approve March minutes: DR, KP2nd

Motion to approve agenda: RC, KP2nd

Board Members in Attendance: Tasha Golis, Diana Robbins, Karen Purdue, Rick Richbourg, Larry Jones, Michael Holder, Ed Carr, Karen Perdue, Rhea Cammenga

Board Members Absent: Brenda Warden, Rick Fender, Gunnar Shuler

Guests Present: Todd Carr, Kelly Carr, Lionel Robbins, Jeanne Richbourg, Donny Cammenga, Caroline St. Clair, Dana Kruetzfeldt, Nina Yon (United Against Poverty)

President’s Report – Tasha Golis

    • Nina Yon, Guest Speaker:
      • United Against Poverty (Joseph St & Illiana Ave) is a multi-platform outreach Non-Profit Organization that provides education, training, medical assistance, household supply/food pantry,  support and advice during and after graduation for it’s attendees. 
      • 87% efficiency, only 13% goes to overhead,  believes in hand up, not handouts
    • Attended Sodo zoning meeting
    • Water Advisory Report – Rick Richbourg:
    • Treatment map for April, 43rd Street Pond rehab improvement status
    • Aeration piping resurfacing. Small diameter black piping. If encountered in the lake, it is easily removed

Vice President’s Report – 

Secretary’s Report – Rhea Cammenga

  • Nothing to report

Treasurer’s Report – Karen Perdue

  • Paid memberships to date
  • Sunbiz and insurance renewal
  • 60 paid members to date

Director’s Report – 

Old Business:

  • Fish Fry was a success
  • Comissioners present for meet & greet

New Business

  • WISA relationship
    • Working on new signs at boat ramps, wake responsibly 
    • Handout for towed sports are available to educate on safety and courtesy


  • Membership BBQ in Autumn, date TBA

Motion to adjourn: RR, DR 2nd

Adjournment:  8:01pm

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