Lake Holden News 2018 Oct-Nov-Dec

We are Blessed

My family didn’t grow up with money. My parents both worked full time jobs and raised two children. When I was a teen, my family struggled financially because of medical bills. It didn’t matter whose they were, because we all were on that road together. 

Perhaps it’s because of what it took for us to navigate serious illness; we had to lean on each other and trust each other. I believe that family and friends are what pulled us through that difficult time. Because of that, I have always considered my family fortunate. 

So, as this year comes to an end and we see another Holiday Season, keep in mind that the people around you – not the things around you – are what make you wealthy, fortunate and blessed. 

Consider donating food or time to a local charity. Go through your closet and put a few jackets and/or blankets in your vehicle and hand them out on a cold night to someone less fortunate than you. You’re not only recycling, you’re helping someone pull through a difficult time. Do some kindness for someone in need and you fill your own heart.

Treasure every day. Show kindness. Mend fences. Tell the people that you love how you feel. 

Here’s hoping your Holidays, however you celebrate them, are filled with enough love and happiness to share. 

Happy Diwali, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, 

Rhea Cammenga

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