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LHPOA Board Meeting Minutes… by Rhea Cammenga

LHPOA Board Meeting Minutes

July 19, 2017     Cecils BBQ      By: Rhea Cammenga

Call to Order: 7:00pm

Board Members in Attendance: Tasha Golis, Brenda Worden, Karen Perdue, Diana Robbins, Rick
Richbourg, Mike Holder, Gunnar Schuler Rhea Cammenga

Board Members Absent:

Guests Present: Jeannie Richbourg, Lionel Robbins, Caroline St. Clair, Donny Cammenga

President’s Report: None

Water Advisory Report by Lionel Robbins:
● Adustments are being made to the 34 th Street pond
● WAB is encouraging residents to attend regular meetings and to be involved in the process
● M Holder Q: concerned about the navigational problems the pondweed is creating
● L Robbins A: Controlling hydrilla is always first priority. Considering more information on triploid carp in low stocking rates combined w/ current methods of control. Lake Pickett successful in using method to control. Continued discussion is needed.

Vice President’s Report: None

Secretary’s Report:
● Windermere (Butler Chain) mayor and Belle Isle (Lake Conway) having jet-ski and kayak/SUP rentals set up on their shores. Residents complaining about dangerous behavior and garbage left behind from non-residents. Need to keep a watchful eye on any public access to the lake.

Treasurer’s Report:
● Updated financials provided.
● LHPOA 83 members paid, 116 unpaid
● Using more contact via email to reach unpaid residents

Old Business:
● Thanks to Larry/Jeannie for hosting and Diana/Lionel for assisting in a great fish fry this year.

New Business:
● BBQ 10/28 Brenda Warden will be hosting 1-4pm. RSVP on new website.
● R Richboug : All website info is ported to new site platform. Benefits are realtime data, member info, search by street, permitting info for shore improvements, digital newsletters with PDF’s, meeting times, WAB info and easier RSVPing to events. New platform is easier to update and maintain. R Richbourg has maintained since 1996.
● City residents need to email city reps to inquire about the alum station data collection and accessing that data.
● M Holder moved to reimburse R Richbourg for porting data to new site platform. K Purdue Seconded.

MOJ: R Richbourg, 2 nd K Perdue

Meeting Adjourned: 7:36


LHPOA Board Meeting Minutes

September 20, 2017     Cecil’s BBQ       By: Rhea Cammenga

Call to Order: 7:03 pm

Board Members in Attendance: Tasha Golis, BrendaWorden, Rick Richbourg, Michael Holder, Larry Jones, Rhea Cammenga

Board Members Absent: Karen Perdue, Diana Robbins, Rick Fender, Gunnar Shuler, Ed Carr, Joel Gregor

Guests Present: Ron Guire, Todd Carr, Greg Kiffer, Caroline St. Clair, Dana Krutzfeldt, Michael Donaldson, Donny Cammenga

President’s Report: – Tasha Golis
● City update regarding trash pickup post hurricane Irma. Yard debris equivalent to 4.5 years normal yard trash.
● Advise drop-off locations, handling, etc.
● Water Advisory Report – Rick Richbourg:
● WAB meeting postponed until next Wednesday 9/27/17 @ 5:30
● FWC (Ed Harris) contact and county Liason (Melissa Lavigne) did bio survey on LH plant population.
Current area treatment for Illinois Pondweed is 10 acres, just increased to 13 acres. Focusing on main
corridor for navigability.
● Budget approved for county street sweeping and CB cleaning (BMP’s) to reduce bio-waste in lake
● Attended Lk Jessamine WAB meeting. Compromise and communication with State and WSIA over
negligent boating practices discussed.

Secretary’s Report: – Rhea Cammenga

● Conway/ Belle Isle currently dealing with same negligent boating practices. Currently has a city “No Wake”
ordinance to protect property and wildlife due to post-storm water levels. BIPD confirmed that it is enforceable
Water conservation efforts remain important; water treatment plants dealing w/ overwhelming amount of effluent.
● Contacted Lisa Lotte at CoOrl regarding water level monitoring station at N end of lake. Confirmed that
equipment is there, but not functioning and will not be online until further notice.
● Discussion regarding making LH a “No Wake” zone until water subsides to a normal high water level.
● R Richbourg: Motion to petition County / Pete Clark for County ‘No Wake” ordinance, M Holder 2nd motion
● B Worden: Motion to table petition to County (above), RCammenga 2nd motion. Theory is that lake levels would reduce before the Ordinance could be passed and that enforcement would be an issue. In the interest of keeping the neighborly demeanor, continue to spread the word about the damage wakes cause in high water and request that the advisement of No Wake be followed.

Treasurer’s Report: – Karen Perdue (By T Golis)
● Updated financials for last 2 months
● No new membership activity

Vice President’s Report:– Brenda Worden
● Nothing to Report

Director’s Report:
● Michael Holder: contact if any residents need hauling of debris away
● Rick Richbourg
● Lionel & Rick both have staff gauges (marked measuring gauges) installed on their docks based on the
official benchmark posted by the City at the North end of the lake.
● Jeanne Richbourg (Newsletter Editor) has requested meeting minutes emailed as soon as approved
● LH Website has latest newsletter online now

Old Business:
● None

New Business:
● T Golis will be retaining petition against Future Land Use change of Lake Holden Gardens (issue dropped by
petitioner) in the event that the request becomes active again.

● BBQ 10/27/2017 from 1-4 pm.

Motion to adjourn
Adjournment: 7:44 PM


LHPOA Board Meeting Minutes

November 15, 2017.    Cecil’s BBQ     By: Rhea Cammenga

Call to Order: 7:00 pm
Motion to approve Sept Minutes: (with spelling edits) B Worden, 2 nd K Purdue

Board Members in Attendance: Tasha Golis, BrendaWorden, Karen Perdue, Diana Robbins, Rick Richbourg, Michael Holder, Larry Jones, Ed Carr, Rhea Cammenga

Board Members Absent: Rick Fender, Gunnar Shuler, Joel Gregor

Guests Present: Dana Krutzfeldt, Lionel Robbins, Jeff Purdue, Mike Powell, Margaret Powell, Donny Cammenga

President’s Report:– Tasha Golis
● Water Advisory Report – Rick Richbourg:
● WAB working on rehabbing 43 rd Street pond, waiting on feedback from proposed improvement company
● Patricia Ann Ct residents working on petition to remove non-lake access homes from MSTU via ballot

Secretary’s Report: – Rhea Cammenga:
● Nothing to report

Treasurer’s Report: – Karen Perdue (By T Golis)
● Updated financials for last 2 months
● Working on early membership drive for 2018, weighing e-drive vs. paper drive

Vice President’s Report: – Brenda Worden
● Orange County Historical Dept contacted Brenda for input/info on Jernigan property for Pioneer Days

Director’s Report:
● Nothing to report

Old Business:
● Great turnout at BBQ. Thanks to Brenda for hosting

New Business:
● Annual Holiday Boat Parade/Party is December 23, 2017
● Annual 2018 Board of director’s meeting January 17, 2018 @ Holden Heights Community Ctr
● Financial Documents Storage – transfer and storage, discussed how long records need to be kept

● OBT Next project has been discussing the County purchasing land on the lake and converting to public park.
Changes have been made to the initial drawing removing public lake access from the renderings/sketches.
Continued involvement is needed to make sure that lake stays within character that has been protected.

Motion to adjourn: R Richbourg, 2 nd Diana Robbins
Adjournment: 7:34pm

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