Lake Holden News 2018 Jan-Feb-Mar

Lake Notes… Water Advisor Board Meeting By Lionel Robbins,

WAB Chairman (407-859-3050)

Your WAB has been busy and there is a lot to show for it. People who volunteer their time are hard to come by but volunteers with a passion is even tougher to get. Those that need to be recognized for their service with a passion are Caroline St. Clair, Dana Kruetzfeldt, Michael Powell and Rick Richbourg. Please join me in thanking them for their time, efforts and passion for Lake Holden.

In the past twelve-month period, the following are some of the topics the board has covered:

39th Street Pond – Large amounts of debris is collecting within the pond and invasive weeds are noticed. Mike Powell is taking action by contacting FDOT officials and asking for their attention to the pond.

43rd Street Pond – The WAB voted to begin evaluation of raising the control water elevation within the pond. The result will increase the capacity of the pond and achieve a higher load reduction efficiency.

Alum Treatment Plant- Now that the Plant is owned by the City Of Orlando, the WAB is working with Streets and Stormwater Division to adjust the alum dosage as suggested by Dr. Harvey Harper of Environmental Research & Design. Also, the City is providing the WAB with a Water Quality Report on a quarterly basis.

Boating Regulations, WISA Water Sports Industry Association, Vessel Registration On Lake Holden, and Wake Issues are regular topics discussed. There are noteworthy discussions on how these topics affect the water quality of Lake Holden.

Curb inlet baskets – This project was spearheaded by Bill Allen in 2008-9 continues to be a viable method of preventing debris from entering the lake. There are over 115 baskets in stormwater drains around Lake Holden.

Grass Carp – There are frequent discussions about the possibility of using Grass Carp to assist the control of hydrilla. It would be a cost savings of thousands of MSTU dollars annually.

Lake levels and Data Logger – After the 2017 hurricanes, there were several discussions about the lake level and if the WAB could be more pro-active in preventing flooding. One method of documentation is an automated device that would provide accurate daily measurements.

MSTU/Budget- The WAB should soon get an updated statement of the MSTU. That data will be shared as soon as it is made available.

OBT Next and New School on Holden Avenue-Both are topics that could have future impact on the water quality of Lake Holden. The WAB is keeping close tabs on the progress of both projects.

For more on these topics and others, please join us at the Facilities Training Room, 2010 East Michigan Street, Orlando – The Board meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, and starts at 5:29 PM, you are welcome to join anytime.

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