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Household Tips…Get Into The Green Scene…

Submitted by Rhea Cammenga

There are easy ways to reduce the amount of trash that you create.

Reducing & Reusing…
…the disposable things you consume is the biggest & best way to make an impact. Do you get coffee on the way to work? How many cups (paper/plastic) do you go through in a year if you add them up? Some places even give discounts for bringing in your own reusable cup. How much would you save if you used reusable containers?

…is also a way to make a big difference. Below is a list of things you can recycle, whether you live in the City or the County.
Pasteboard (cereal/food & shoe boxes, empty paper towel/toilet paper rolls)
Paper bags
Flattened corrugated cardboard boxes
Magazines & catalogs, phone books, newspapers and junk mail
Office, writing, & note paper
Metal cans (tin, aluminum, & steel) and empty aerosol cans
Glass bottles & jars
Juice & milk cartons
Plastic bottles & containers labeled #1 – #5 (more are recyclable in the City)

The basic ingredients for a beginner compost pile/container
Greens: fruit & vegetables/scraps/plant remains, coffee grounds, tea leaves /bags
Browns: dead leaves, plants & weeds; sawdust straw; old flowers & hay.
Other items include paper towels; paper bags; shredded cotton clothing (torn up); egg shells; hair (human, dog, cat etc.) Add these in small amounts.
Air. It is possible to compost without air if you don’t have a compost bin that mixes easily, but mixing it make the compost process more effective.
Water. Your pile should be about as damp as a sponge that has been wrung out.

All of the above are aimed at reducing what you put in your trash container, which is less in our landfills. Once you learn the basics, it takes little more, if any, effort than just tossing things in the garbage. Small effort = big impact!

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