Lake Holden News – 2019 Jan-Feb-Mar

Lake Notes… Water Advisor Board Meeting…

By Lionel Robbins

A note from your Water Advisory Board (WAB) Members:  You are welcome and encouraged to attend any and all WAB meetings held on the third Wednesday of each month at 5:30PM.  The location is 2010 East Michigan St, Facilities Training Room.  

You will hear discussions about the 43rd street pond, curb inlet filter repair, alum treatments and    and if you wish, take part in the discussion and/or ask questions.

You will experience decisions being made on your behalf (spending your MSTU money) such as Commercial Street Sweeping of the curbed streets around Lake Holden.  Next year the cost to you (the MSTU tax payer) over $24K.  Street sweeping is the least expensive way to keep Lake Holden clean, by preventing the nutrients from entering the lake.  There is a retrofit project on the 43rd Street Pond.  The drainage system is being modified to keep more water in the pond longer.  That will result in preventing unwanted nutrients from entering the lake.  MSTU monies are being spent on weed control using herbicide to clear Illinois Pond Weed from a centerline pathway north and south for wakeboarders to have a “preferred” pass.  Hydrilla is also being kept under control using herbicide.  A large portion of the MSTU is spent on weed control.

All these projects and more are topics that your WAB debates and considers on your behalf.  The Board appreciates your confidence in our decision-making process for these and future projects.

Below is a map of the black airation tubing President Tasha spoke about in her article, of which a lot has already been pulled out.

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