Lake Holden News 2017 Jan – Mar

HLPOA Board Meeting Minutes… by Rhea Cammenga

Lake Holden Property Owners  Association Inc. Annual General Membership Meeting  January 20, 2016 Cypress Grove Park

Call to Order:  6:39 pm President’s Report: Diana Robbins welcomed all in attendance and turned the floor over to Orange County Commissioner Pete Clarke.

Commissioner Pete Clarke reported that Orange County is financially sound.  He is working on purchasing 9 acres by the railroad track next to Cypress Grove Park to be used for the good of the Park.  Road work will commence at Holden and Orange removing the through lane.  FDOT will add gutters and bike lanes on Orange Ave from Sandlake to Hoffner.

Water Advisory Board (WAB) Update: Rick was unable to attend due to family emergency.  WAB is waiting on a report on the source of an undesirable phosphorous outflow from houses behind the ―Sand Bar Island‖.

Treasurer’s Report: Bill Allen made the budget from the year ending December 31, 2015 available for review.   94 Membership dues were collected

Annual membership is $30, talk to your neighbors and encourage them to join and pay.

New Business: Rhea Cammenga was nominated and elected to join the Board.

A motion from the floor to reinstitute the existing board was passed.

Announcements: The Annual Fish Fry will be hosted by the Jones’ 4/16

Diana Robbins thanked Jeanne Richbourg for producing the Newsletter, the Board and WAB .

Adjournment: 7:25 pm

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