Lake Holden News 2017 Jan – Mar

Shoreline Vegetation Removal or Re-Vegetation — Know the Law

If you’re planning on any shoreline vegetation or re-vegetation you may need a permit from Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FFWCC), Orange County Environmental Division (EPD) or both.

Homeowners are allowed removal of invasive species by hand for 30 feet or 25% of your shoreline – whichever is greater.   I f you want to use an aquatically approved herbicide you must obtain a free permit from Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation commission (FFWCC).  If you wish to clear more you must also obtain an additional fee based permit from Orange County Environmental Division (EPD)

The links to FFWCC and OCEPD can be found at

Removing any aquatic plants from your shoreline may require permits from both Orange County and the State of Florida.  With this actively, it is better to ask for permission beforehand, rather than beg for forgiveness afterwards!


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