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Lake Notes… Water Advisor Board Meeting By Lionel Robbins, WAB Member (407-859-3050)

Your Water Advisory Board members have always been passionate when it comes to the many Lake Holden issues that they embrace.  So far, this year is looking like passion will be replaced by overzealousness!  The Board members all agree on one thing, the ultimate goal of continued water quality improvement of Lake Holden.  How that is achieved is what makes for some fiery meetings.  If you were to attend any of the meetings, you would be impressed that even though there are some exasperating discussions, the members take the Las Vegas motto, ―what goes on at the meeting, stays at the meeting‖.  That is a good thing!

We have two new Board members to welcome!  Dana Kruetzfeldt and Caroline St. Clair.  They both have a passion for Lake Holden and are excited to be a part of the advisory process.  The March meeting of the WAB will feature a discussion of past projects and their varying degrees of success (or failure).  It should be very interesting so if you have ever thought of attending a WAB meeting, this will be one you will enjoy.

Currently there are two projects that the WAB is discussing for 2017 – 2018.  The pond on 43rd street may get a modification to the drain well and the Westmoreland pond will possibly be totally re-engineered.
The County is continuing to keep pace with hydrilla by spot-treating the impacted areas.  The second week of February was the most recent treatments.  The pesky plant will never be eradicated; we can only hope to keep it under control so it doesn’t become an issue.  As always, we appreciate being notified if you identify hydrilla along your shoreline.

Guests are welcome to attend ANY of the Board meetings, held the third Wednesday of the month at 2010 East Michigan St, Facilities Training Room. The meeting starts promptly and 5:31 and generally lasts about 1½ hrs.

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