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Notes from the Prez…. After Hurricane Irma… Tasha Golis

Hurricane Irma knocked Florida around.  Here on the peninsula we woke up to big mess on Monday September 11th.  It had been a wild night of shrieking winds and pounding rain.  The power was out, a roof was pealed back, shingles were missing, branches were down, docks and decks were floating, and boats were sunk, gone, or tossed into backyards.  But we were all accounted for and safe.

My neighborhood spent the day firing up generators and checking in on each other. We picked up branches, bagged up debris, cleaned out storm drains, and stood in disbelief  looking at the damaged.  We supported one another.  Eventually we ventured out and saw what the blocks around us were dealing with: power poles snapped in half, transformers and wires thrown to the ground, huge trees uprooted, and entire roof systems ripped away.

The Lake Holden community began to post online.  The Lake Holden Yacht Club facebook page served as a way to reach out.  Who has power? Who needs help? What’s open? What do we do next? It was a great to see the families on the lake share info and crack a few jokes.

As I write this, some homes are still without electricity.  The power companies are predicting it might take until Sunday to restore service in this area.  Hurricane season lasts until Nov 30.  None of us look forward to another storm like that.  Reach out to your neighbors.  Be kind to one another.  It’s been a hot and anxious week.

Unfortunately, Orange County has issued an advisory for all lakes until further notice.  “Please refrain from recreation and contact in and around water bodies.  Many of these systems may have adversely impacted by Hurricane Irma and there is a high potential for contamination, displaced wildlife and submerged structures”.

Our Lake Holden community is strong.  We survived.  Let’s enjoy the last few weeks of Summer.

Tasha Golis – President

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