Lake Holden News 2017 July – September

HLPOA Board Meeting Minutes… by Tasha Golis

Cecil’s BBQ on South Orange Ave.

November 16, 2016

Board Members in Attendance:  Diana Robbins, Tasha Golis, Bill Allen,  Rick Richbourg, Rick Fender, Larry Jones, Ed Carr, Brenda Worden, and Rhea Cammenga.

Board Member Absent: Kevin Souder, Elaine Pennington, and Ron Strickler.

Introduction of Guests: Jeannie Richbourg, Editor of LHPOA newsletter; Jeff & Karen Perdue, Dana and Andre Kruetzfeldt, Donnie Cammenga, and Michael Holder.

President’s Report:

Diana Robbins introduced the guests and turned over the floor to Rick Richbourg with the WAB update.

  • There will be no December WAB meeting.
  • There are two vacancies on the WAB: applicant must reside in Orange County NOT the City of Orlando, needs knowledge of our lake’s history, and apply online. See Rick.
  • Harvey Harper’s lake report is available at
  • Report states that Lake Holden is on par with the “pristine lakes of the Butler Chain”.
  • 90 New stormwater drains with a 15 year lifespan are being installed.
  • The South Island has been re vegetated with grasses. Coconut fiber has been installed on the new grading to prevent erosion. Do NOT remove.
  • Hydrilla and American lotus (very invasive) are being treated. Illinois pond weed is a desirable and will not be treated.  Orange County lakes are currently experiencing a algea bloom.

Treasure’s Report: 89 paid memberships.  Only 1 paid guest to the Annual Membership BBQ.

Directors’ Reports:

New Business:

  • Christmas Boat Parade is Dec 17. Boats gather at sunset in front of Lionel &Dianna’s home.  Social to follow Parade.
  • Bill & Jan Allen are moving from the lake. Karen Perdue has expressed an interest in replace Bill as Treasurer.  Rick Richbourg nominated Karen, was seconded and motion passed.
  • Annual Meeting will be held Jan 18. Cypress Cove is unavailable. Location TBA.
  • Ron Strickler resigned from the Board.

Adjournment: 7:38 pm

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